Formal Class Photo for Year 2008

Finally, we took our formal class photo for this year.
But…..when we were well prepared, our tutor was not with us this morning.
This makes our photos always left an important person.
Hehe~I’m glad to tell you that…………
We gathered today just to take all those pictures, with our lab coat.
Seems like……..many of us like their wearing with lab coat!
Come!Come!Look at here.
Shu Yi wants to promote her classmates here.Wahahaha~for those who are still single.
Their ages are all around 20,21 and 22.
Do you interest with somebody?Hehehehe~Just kidding.
No all the girls are still available…….Especially elder one.Wahaha~
Boys are valued teachers. Haha^^
At the photography season, I didn’t notice that there is a sign board of SAFETY FIRST is hanging up there.
Huh~We were playing in the science laboratory the whole morning.
I just noticed it when all of our photos are with that words.
Oh no! So dangerous!Wahahaha~Don’t play play in the laboratory. This is the rule.
But…….we seem like always go against it.
Luckily there were nobody passed by and saw what we were doing inside.
    • jasmie
    • October 22nd, 2008

    shuyi shuyi~remember promote me as well~ 晕~haha

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