Their Drawings

As usual, we were having our Education in Technology lecture at the evening.
May be it was too boring (Yes, it was too boring!) today, until they……….

Zen’s drawing. He is the one who started our drawing class….eh herm…..

Fei Fan and Sim’s drawing. @@

Oh, Fei Fan’s drawing is so unique. wahahahahaha


I knew that nobody was really concentrate when I found this drawing. =.=!!!

Yes, they are all future teachers. You didn’t see anything wrong from those drawings.
Wahahahaha~Our heart are still young. Don’t blame them.

Sorry for publish those drawings up here and share without agreement.
Don’t beat me yah~~~Especially Sim Wong. Waahahahahaha~

The lecture became so funny because of this incident.
Laughing until the end……….Open-mouthed

ps: I’m going for BIG Program Anak Angkat from Tuesday until Thursday in Sik, Kedah.
     Do miss me.

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