Service For Peace and Unity

Copy from the main website of Global Peace Festival
Service For Peace and Unity
Service for Peace: Expand the Culture of Service to the Campus Communities
Taman Bukit Angkasa 18 October 2008
What is Service For Peace?
‘Service For Peace’ is a service–learning programme that fosters personality growth, through serving the society and the community, hence creating a caring and peaceful society. It creates public awareness of the importance of inculcating the virtue of volunteerism and service in the young generation, and to spark a culture of “Living for the Sake of Others”. Service as an expression of love has the power towards transformation of the world. In short, “Service” is indeed – True Love in Action.
Program objectives:
1. To inculcate the spirit of Living for the Sake of Others (volunteerism) and Culture of Service among youth and make them aware of their roles and moral responsibilities in nation building.
2. To engage students in community service by awarding the student organizations who show best practices in service related activities.
3. Facilitate cooperation and partnership among students of multi-racial in community service programme to strive for better caring society.
4. To provide experiential learning and leadership skills for develop their potential as responsible and commit citizens for building Malaysia: A Nation of Character.


I’m searching for those friends who I met in that activity. Then I found this memorable photo of our group. We are from Group 29 of Service for Peace and Unity. Thanks to the person who took this photo for us.
For my group members, I couldn’t remember their name already. What a shy.
Yet, I miss them. I hope we still can recognise each other when meet.
Don’t know will them found this photo also in the website? Or….just me only.
    • December 1st, 2008


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