My Learning Style

Finally, one paper passed in this morning.
This is one of the main subjects of us because educational psychology and pedagogy is always important to learn by a student teacher.
Subject code: EDU 3103
Subject name: Learning and The Learner
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
I look back at the book to write on this. Oh my god! I’m going to faint.
So many mistakes I have done on my answer papers.
Although I have studied on the certain topic for many many times, I still couldn’t memorize it and lastly make a lot of mistakes on the paper.
Haiz….feeling a bit sad. What else can I do? No way to remedy besides progress to study on another subject.
Through the study on this subject, I found my own learning style, which is dependent learning style.
Pupils from this group emphasize all patterns of cognitive learning and accept them totally.
The main characteristics of this learning style are listed as follows:
• Perceive a situation or pattern in an overall manner.
• Accept general opinion.
• Learning activity is based on extrinsic motivation.
• Sensitive with opinions and advice of others.
• Willing to be led by people whom they highly respect.
• Do not have the initiative to learn and depend a lot on the motivation and teaching of the teachers.
• Unable to determine the learning objective on their own.
• Following order and learn whatever is taught without questioning.
The suitable teaching strategies for pupils with this type of dependent learning style are class teaching, demonstration, lecturing and group activities.
Information is copied from the book of Educational Psychology : Learning and Learning Environment written by Mok Soon Sang, in Year 2008.
Yes, it is true. I’m that kind of pupils, like to depend so much to somebody.
Some time is really inability, but some time is because of lazy.
For something I do not have any interest on it, I’ll rather don’t want to try.
Huh~ I’m really this type of person.
That’s why I cannot success untill now.
I really struggle hard yesterday. Feeling tiredness now……
3 papers are left. Next week is the last week in this semester and for the year of 2008.
Tiring period will be end next week.
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