Releasing Emotion

It keeps raining outside. Gustiness.  Rain cats and dogs.
It is too cold to carry out any outdoor activities.
I just can stay in my room, facing my notebook.
Typing…… I keep typing…..for no purpose.
Depavali is coming on Monday.
Thus, we are given 5 days holidays from tomorrow until Wednesday.
It’s cool! But I didn’t try to get this chance to go back home.
My hometown is not too far from Penang. Just…just……
I’m trying not to make time too rushing. Final examination is just around. 
Yet, I just trying to hide my real feeling. 
As I hope to make arduous efforts on my weekness part.
My mom is worrying on my decision to stay back. I know.
I’ll face the problem on meals. Haiz…..
Tomorrow will have our class trip to Bukit Merah Lake Town Water Park.
It seems like not a suitable season to carry out outdoor activities if it keeps raining. Gosh……
Will it cancel suddenly tomorrow?
It will not be a good news for us. You guys try to pray la…….
Feeling strange recently. I hope to get someone to chat, yet also wish to be alone.
May be, I’m tired enough after completing today and yesterday tests.
Good night. I should be go to bed earlier.
    • jasmie
    • October 24th, 2008

    recently….u seems like more preferring using English wor….heheanyway….stay smile my fren…CHEER~high school musical 3..i think u will like it!juz simply said nia actualli…dun scold me if u didnt like it..:P

    • October 25th, 2008


    • 等你 • 在雨中
    • October 26th, 2008

    finally finish our last class trip….
    ur english so good de ar….
    scare lo…..
    beh guai ur muet will get so high score…..
    can2 kui4 nia lo…..
    i using pasar english nia leh….haha!

    • Shu Yi
    • October 27th, 2008

    eh~my MUET jus nearly 3 nia leh =.=

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